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Perfect for adventurous travelers and nature enthusiasts, the special mountain gorilla safari tour in Rwanda and RDC of Bamba Tours is managed by expert guides and the park rangers. It involves Kigali city tour, climbing to Nyiragongo summit, seeing Virunga’s playful mountain gorillas, Rwanda gorilla trekking and spending some time canoe sailing on the twin lakes of Rwanda, making a memorable experience for a lifetime. We believe that “Virunga National Park” is one of the fabulous parks in Africa” and you will feel thrilled to plan a mountain gorilla safari tour itinerary with us covering it at its best. To go on a mountain gorilla trek through the rainforest and experience gorilla habituation and Nyiragongo volcano trekking, contact us now at +250 785003693!


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    Bamba Tours have an immense experience that we have gathered over the time in this tourism industry in Uganda and Ruanda. Allow us to be your partners when you came into Uganda the Perl of Africa for you dream Uganda wildlife safari experience.

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